All talks will be held in Room 201 Richardson Memorial Hall. PDF available here.

Friday, October 13th

12:00 PM        Registration

12:45 PM        Welcoming Remarks and Announcements

1:00 PM          The Mystery of the Missing Hammerstones: Lithic Production Implements in Western Belize
Rachel A. Horowitz (Tulane University)

 1:15 PM          Biface Analysis from the Plaza of the Seven Temples, Tikal: Ritual, Use, and Highland Interaction
Nathan J. Meissner (University of Southern Mississippi), Oswaldo Gómez (IDEAH), Cameron L. McNeil (City University of New York), and Edy Barrios (Independent Scholar)

1:30 PM          Molding Cultural Patterns: Standardization and Trade of Maya Figurines and Molds
Terance Winemiller and Virginia Ochoa-Winemiller (Auburn University at Montgomery)

1:45 PM          Seeing through Garden Soils: Assessing the Viability of Soil Phosphate Analyses in the Archaeological Identification of Ancient Maya Kitchen Gardens
Cheryl M. Foster (Louisiana State University)

2:00 PM          The Archaeological Application and Analysis of Anthrosoils in the Maya Region
Kobi Weaver (Louisiana State University)

2:15 PM          Identifying Itza Maya trade, mobility, and identity at early Colonial Mission San Bernabé using Biological Affinity, Archaeology, and Isotopes
Carolyn Freiwald (University of Mississippi) and Katherine Miller Wolf (Indiana University East)

2:30 PM          Ineluctable Motion: People and Water at Wari Camp
Laura J. Levi, Christian Sheumaker, and Sarah Boudreaux (University of Texas at San Antonio)

2:45 PM          Question and Answer/Discussion

3:00 PM          Poster Session

Comparison of pXRF sourced Obsidian from the Classic to Postclassic Period Trading Port at Wild Cane Cay, Belize
April A. Belleau and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

A Study of the Obsidian Trade among Coastal Maya at Frenchman’s Cay, Belize
Emily Cook and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

New Evidence for Obsidian Trade at Moho Cay, Belize
Valerie Feathers and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

Fighting the Four Winds: Hurricane Resistance in Ancient Maya Architecture
Zach Lindsey (University of Leicester)

Iconography and Modern Constellations
Fernando Arturo Rodriguez (Independent Scholar)

4:00 PM          Pondering the Palma: Proposed Anatomy and Hidden Iconographies
Cierra Frances Linander (Independent Scholar)

4:15 PM          The Pulque Vessels from the Sacred Precinct of Tenochtitlan
Diego Matadamas (Tulane University)

4:30 PM          Archaeology and Oil in El Tajín: Pozo Ojital-1, 1935-1940
Sam Holley-Kline (Stanford University)

4:45 PM          Architecture and Socio-Spatial Organization at Tlalancaleca: Implications for the Formative-Classic Transition in Central Mexico
Tatsuya Murakami (Tulane University), Shigeru Kabata (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Julieta M. López J. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico), and Alexander Jurado (Tulane University)

5:00 PM          Question and Answer/Discussion

5:30 PM          Keynote Address



Saturday, October 14th

9:00 AM          Mapping La Milpa North Chico in the Low-land Bajo Margins
Michael Maddox (Programme for Belize Archaeology)

9:15 AM          A Settlement Ranking System for the Maya Hinterlands: Contextual Analysis of Architecture at the Medicinal Trail Community
David M. Hyde (Western State Colorado University)

9:30 AM          Least Cost Routes in the Kaq’chik’el Maya Highlands
Eugenia Robinson and Francisco Estrada Belli (Tulane University)

9:45 AM          LiDAR in the Northwest Peten, Guatemala: Settlement and Geopolitics in the La Corona-El Achiotal Region
Luke Auld-Thomas, Marcello A. Canuto, David Chatelain, and Jocelyne Ponce (Tulane University)

10:00 AM        A Test of LiDAR Data to Detect Ancient Maya Settlement in the Mopan River Valley, Belize
Bernadette Cap, Jason Yaeger, and M. Kathryn Brown (University of Texas at San Antonio)

10:15 AM        Question and Answer/Discussion

10:30 AM        Break

11:00 AM        Independent Invention or Diffusion
D.M. Urquidi (Independent Scholar)

11:15 AM        A Possible Ehecatl Figure from West Mexico
Christopher Kilgore (University of Houston)

11:30 AM        Iconography and Modern Constellations
Fernando Arturo Rodriguez (Independent Scholar)

11:45 PM        Question and Answer/Discussion


1:30 PM          Polished Greenstone Caches from Middle Preclassic Paso del Macho, Yucatan
Evan Parker (Tulane University), George J. Bey III (Millsaps College), and Tomás Gallareta Negrón (INAH)

1:45 PM          Preclassic Ritual Construction and its Relationship to Sociopolitical shifts at the Site of Actuncan, Belize
Bobbie Simova (Tulane University)

2:00 PM          Making Memories and Ancestors: Public Space in the Hinterland Community of San Lorenzo, Belize
Victoria Ingalls (University of Texas at San Antonio)

2:15 PM          A Categorization and Comparative Analysis of Maya Body Part Caches
Brandy N. Norton (University of Chicago)

2:30 PM          The Last Palace, Stones, Bones, and Feasts: Recent Excavations at El Perú-Waka’, Guatemala
Keith Eppich (Collin College)

2:45 PM          The Politics of Remembering and Forgetting: The Role of Collective Memory in Identity Construction on the Southwestern Maya Frontier in western Honduras during the Classic Period
Erlend Johnson (Tulane University)

3:00 PM          A More Domestic Life: Reutilization of a Ceremonial Space at La Corona, Guatemala
Jocelyne Ponce (Tulane University), Erin Patterson (Tulane University), and Clarissa Cagnato (Université de Paris)  

3:15 PM          Question and Answer/Discussion

3:30 PM          Break

4:00 PM          Investigating Pedagogical Practices of the Ancient Maya: An Example from Xunantunich
M. Kathryn Brown (University of Texas at San Antonio), Leah McCurdy (University of Texas at Arlington), and Kit Nelson (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts)

4:15 PM          K’inich Ajaw: The Subterranean Galleries and the Revival of sacred Kingship at Palenque
Kendyll Gross (University of Texas at Austin)

4:30 PM          Winds of Change: The Stylistic Development, Implications, and Sequence of Stone Monuments at Copan and Quirigua
Amina Fakhri (Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

4:45 PM          Construction and its Context: The Built Environment of La Cariba, Guatemala
David Chatelain (Tulane University)

5:00 PM          Preliminary Results of Excavations in a Late Classic Residential Courtyard Group at Chan Chich, Belize
Gertrude Kilgore (Texas Tech University), Claire Novotny (Kenyon College), and Alyssa Farmer (University of Kentucky)

5:15 PM          Finding Afro-Yucatecans in the Archaeological Record
Zach Lindsey (University of Leicester)

5:30 PM          Contemporary Maya Ritual and Socio-ecological Resilience
Michael P. Saunders (Tulane University)

5:45 PM          Ruffles and Lace and Buttons and Chaps: Some Spanish Influences on Highland Maya Men’s Traje
Robert Hill

6:00 PM          Question and Answer/Discussion