Out of the Maya Tombs Screening


Please join us the evening of October 20, 2018 at

The San Antonio Museum of Art for a special screening of:

Out of the Maya Tombs


followed by a panel discussion with

David Lebrun

Writer and Director of Out of the Maya Tombs

Michelle Rich

Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow in Latin American Art

at the San Antonio Museum of Art and Maya Archaeologist

Jason Yaeger

UTSA President’s Endowed Professor and Chair,

Department of Anthropology and Maya Archaeologist


Over the last century, exquisitely painted ancient Maya ceramics – almost all illicitly looted from royal tombs – have made their way into public and private collections across the globe. These amazing works of art open an extraordinary window on the Maya past. However, the zeal to collect these objects has resulted in the destruction of archaeological evidence that could tell us as much or more about the ancient Maya world.

The documentary Out of the Maya Tombs enters the world of the vases to explore the
royal life and rich mythology of the Maya, as well as the tangled issues involved in the
collection and study of looted art. The story is told by villagers, looters, archaeologists,
art historians, dealers and curators. For each, these vases have a radically different value
and meaning.