Individual Paper Presentations

Saturday, October 20

Presentations will be held in the SAMA John L. Santikos Auditorium

8:00     Registration opens

8:15     The San Antonio Museum of Art: Welcome and Introduction to the Collection     

Michelle Rich (Dallas Museum of Art)

8:30     Posthumous Pots: Postclassic Ceramic Contexts and Chronology at Ka’kabish, Belize

Kerry L. Sagabiel (Northern Illinois University) and Helen R. Haines (Trent University)

8:45     Investigating Ancient Maya Resiliency at Xunantunich, Belize

Tucker Austin and Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University)

9:00     A Focus on Photogrammetry: The Monuments of El Perú-Waka’ from Many Angles

Hannah Julia Paredes Kilnoski (The College of Wooster), Mary Kate Kelly (Tulane University), and Olivia Navarro-Farr (The College of Wooster)

9:15     Visual Analytics in Archaeology: Recording the Maya Sites of Xno’ha and Tz’unun in Northern Belize

Benjamin E. Baaske (Texas A&M University), Robert Warden (Texas A&M University), Thomas H. Guderjan (University of Texas at Tyler), C. Colleen Hanratty (Maya Research Program), Joshua J. Kwoka (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Alex Pastrana, Hollie Lincoln (St. Cloud State University), Carlos Quiroz (St. John’s College), Kevin Austin (Maya Research Program), Aubrey O’Toole (University of Newfoundland), Jessie Leonard (Brandeis University), Rianna Bowen (Goodwin and Associates)

9:30     Assessment of Ancient Maya Settlement at the Almon Plett Site via Digital Imaging Processing

Eric Fries (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

9:45   Emerging Perspectives: A New Analysis of Preclassic Niche Monuments

Catharine Nuckols-Wilde (University of Texas at Austin)

10:00   Break

10:15   Spatial Layout, Status, and Domestic Ritual at a Middle Formative Residential Complex at Tlalancaleca, Puebla

Alexander Jurado and Tatsuya Murakami (Tulane University)

10:30   A Terminal Early Formative Symbol System in the Maya Lowlands: The Iconography of the Cunil Phase

Jim Garber (Texas State University) and Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University)

10:45   Jade Adornments among the Middle Preclassic Maya: New Data from Paso del Macho, Yucatan

Evan Parker (Tulane University), George J. Bey III (Millsaps College) and Tomás Gallareta Negrón (INAH)

11:00   Early Monumentality and the Development of Dynastic Rulership at Cahal Pech, Belize

Claire E. Ebert and Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University)

11:15   New Insights on Preclassic Monumentality from Early Xunantunich, Belize

Zoe Rawski (University of Texas at San Antonio)

11:30   The Dawning of Maya Civilization: Examining the Archaic to Preclassic Transition in Western Belize

Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University), W. James Stemp (Keene State College), and Claire Ebert (Northern Arizona University)

11:45   Lunch break

1:00     Walking the Light Fantastic

Lynda Manning-Schwartz (Independent Scholar)

1:15     The Origins of the Nahua Veintena Glyphs Reconsidered

Kristopher Driggers (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)

1:30     The River of Gold and the Flow of Power: Death and Gender from the Coclé to the Mixtec

Katharine Schumann (University of Houston)

1:45     Revisiting Lowland Maya Population Estimates in the Age of LiDAR

Luke Auld-Thomas and Marcello A. Canuto (Tulane University)

2:00     Airborne LiDAR and Ancient Maya Urbanism at El Palmar, Mexico

Kenichiro Tsukamoto (University of California-Riverside)

2:15     Efficacy of Ground Survey Methods for Verifying LiDAR Data at El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico

Reed Miller (University of California-Riverside), Quintín Hernández Gómez, Javier López Camacho, and Kenichiro Tsukamoto (University of California-Riverside)

2:30     LiDAR Survey in Kom, Yucatan, Mexico

Rossana May Ciu (Kaxil Kiuic A.C.), Tomás Gallareta Negrón (INAH), and William Ringle (Davidson College)

2:45     Investigating the Maya Polity at Lower Barton Creek, Cayo, Belize

Van Kollias III (Brandeis University) and Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University)

3:00     Break

3:15     The 2016 LiDAR Survey and Understanding Maya Settlement and Early Anthropocene Landscape Modifications at a Small Maya Center

Thomas Guderjan (University of Texas at Tyler), Joshua Kwoka (University at Buffalo, SUNY) and C. Colleen Hanratty (Maya Research Program)

3:30     Turn to Stone: Limestone Extraction and Processing Practices in the Puuc

Kenneth Seligson (University of Southern California) and William Ringle (Davidson College)

3:45     Stone Tool Resources in Northwestern Belize

Hollie Lincoln (St. Cloud State University)

4:00     Use-Wear of Late Postclassic Obsidian Blades from Utatlán, Guatemala

Kirsty Escalante (Tulane University)

4:15     Reevaluating Current Perspectives on the Ancient Maya Procurement of High Quality Dark Brown Chert in Southern Campeche, Mexico

Kelsey J. Sullivan and Kenichiro Tsukamoto (University of California-Riverside)

4:30     Out of Maya Tombs:  Political Organization and Rulership at the Classic Maya Kingdom of Buenavista del Cayo as Understood through its Royal Burials

Jason Yaeger and Bernadette Cap (University of Texas at San Antonio

Sunday, October 21

Presentations will be held in the SAMA John L. Santikos Auditorium

8:30     Registration opens

8:45     The Geographical Importance of Mesoamerican Territory for the Aztec Expansion

Raquel Urroz (UNAM)

9:00     The ‘Bone Codex’ of Jasaw Chan K’awiil I

Carl Callaway (Austin Community College) and Peter Biro (Independent Scholar)

9:15     The Captive Bone and Ossified Selves in Three Manuscripts of Colonial Guatemala

Servando Z. Hinojosa (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)

9:30     Let Them Eat Chaya: Cultural Revitalization through Culinary Offerings in Belize

Lauren Miller Griffith and Cameron S. Griffith (Texas Tech University)

9:45     Borders? We Don’t Need No Stinking Borders

Brett A. Houk and Brooke Bonorden (Texas Tech University)

10:00   The Xicaque and the Decline of the Misiones of Leán y Mulia: 1751-1821

Roberto Rivera (Family Tree DNA)

10:15   El Jobillo: A Classic Maya Neighborhood?

Jocelyne M. Ponce (Tulane University) and Francisco J. Pérez (Universidad del Valle)

10:30   Chemical Investigations of Natural Element Concentrations in Marine Sediment in Punta Ycacos Lagoon, Belize

Cheryl M. Foster and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

10:45   Maya L-Shaped Structures: New Evidence from Xunantunich

Jessica Devio (Washington State University)

11:00   Salt in the Market Place Economy of the Classic Maya

Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

11:15   Chemical Analysis Results from Two Mounds at the Ancient Maya Salt Works, Paynes Creek National Park, Belize

Rachel Watson and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

11:30   Chemical Analyses of Obsidian as a Proxy for Salt Distribution

Cory Sills (University of Texas at Tyler) and Heather McKillop (Louisiana State University)

11:45   Portable X-Ray Fluorescence of Obsidian from Postclassic Placencia Village, Belize

Rebecca Appert and E. Cory Sills (University of Texas at Tyler)

12:00   Lunch Break

1:00     POK-TA-POK the Maya Ballgame at Cancuén

Fabian Dominguez (Harvard University Extension School)

1:15     The Emergence of Imagery: The Palma’s Place in the Public Iconographic Program of El Tajín

Cierra Frances Linander (Alvin Community College) and Rex Koontz (University of Houston)

1:30     A Maya Ethnography-Based Model for Archaeological Ritual Precincts

Garrett Cook (Baylor University)

1:45    Understanding the Architectural, Ritual and Temporal Dynamics of a Maya City: A Perspective from Xnoha, Belize

Colleen Hanratty (Maya Research Program), Thomas Guderjan (University of Texas at Tyler), Carlos Quiroz (St. John’s College), Hollie Lincoln (St. Cloud State University), Kevin Austin (Maya Research Program), Benjamin Baaske (Texas A&M University), Hannah Plummer, Jessie Leonard (Brandeis University), Alex Pastrana, and Alexander Parmington

2:00     Images of Polity at Wari Camp, Belize

Laura Jane Levi and Sarah Boudreaux (University of Texas at San Antonio)

2:15     Making Communities Move: Reclassifying the Drainage at Wari Camp, Belize

Christian Sheumaker (University of Texas at San Antonio)

2:30     Asking the Wrong Question, Getting the Right Answer: Common Property Management and the Sacred Landscape of a Maya Community

Michael P. Saunders (Tulane University)

2:45     A Possible Ehecatl Figure from West Mexico

Christopher Kilgore (University of Houston)

3:00     Middle Preclassic Ceramic Production in the Mopan Valley, Belize: A Preliminary Petrographic Analysis

Alessandra Villarreal (University of Texas at San Antonio)

3:15     X-Ray Toads and “The Enema Pot” – Revisited

Mike McBride (Independent Scholar)

3:30     Recent Investigations in the Elite Maya Residential Complex of Group B at Xunantunich, Belize

Michael Petrozza (University of Texas at San Antonio), M. Kathryn Brown (University of Texas at San Antonio), Jason Yaeger (University of Texas at San Antonio), Rachel Horowitz (Appalachian State University), Kit Nelson (New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts)

3:45     The Actun Balam Vase: An Anatomy of a Masterpiece and the Anarchy of Perception

Margaret Greco (San Antonio College)

4:00        It’s Not Graffiti, It’s Art! Artistic Training and Scribal Practice at El Castillo, Classic Xunantunich, Belize

 Leah McCurdy (University of Texas at Arlington) and M. Kathryn Brown (University of Texas at San Antonio)

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